Thursday, 22 November 2012

What-When-Which-Why-Who-How(s) of contextual advertising.

Contextual Advertising

What is Contextual advertising ?

=> Contextual advertising enables advertisers to display ads that closely match with the           text  or the content on your website/blog.

When can we serve these ads and earn money from it ?

=> Anytime, if You have a space (blog/website) in the web that meets with the criteria required by the ad network you choose . 

Which is the most paying ad network ?

=> When it comes to most paying, nobody can ignore the most famous of these ad networks : Google's AdSense program. But success with AdSense program is not guaranteed and it is advisable to try other Ad networks; it also helps to determine which one works best for you . 

Why choose contextual ads ?

=> Contextual ads are Banners/text/inline ads that are usually based on CPC or PPC ( cost per click or pay per click ) . That is ad revenue is calculated based on each visitor who clicks on the ad links that you serve . 

Who provides this types of ads ?

=> Well there are plenty of ad networks providing these contextual ads. 
Links of some of the famous ad networks providing these ad networks are ..

Google Adsense

Yahoo Publisher Network



How can we succeed with contextual ads ?

=> You can succeed with these ad if your blog/website is primarily an information only Blog/website or if you are promoting a specific product or a range of product it can be useful to you. 

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