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Why TRP of Aamir's show "satyamev jayate" is decreasing day by day ??

Why TRP of Aamir's show "satyamev jayate" is decreasing day by day ??

Aamir khan's show 'satyamev jayate' is a matter of discussion now-a-days of course, aamir had personal advantage with his show but star plus along with other channels are on a bus to loss. Aamir is on the limelight and the advertisers have started showing white flags on having a bird's eye on the decreasing popularity of this show.

                   Bollywood star Aamir khan is now-a-days a matter of discussion due to his show 'satyamev jayate' on small screen. He is the host of this show. This show is also being produced by Aamir khan's home production company 'Aamir khan production’. Some of his recent films were somehow related to social topics, that's why people felt some relation with these films and the films were big hits but this was not only due to Aamir's acting but his marketing strategy helped him a lot . Whereas, affected by success of lagaan, rang de basanti, tare jameen par, and 3 idiots like films Aamir khan tried to make his image like a sensible and responsible actor by joining some social activities and he would have succeeded also. If the show's TRP graph have not declined so quickly. To make his show a great hit the channel and aamir himself not left any stone unturned. Before Broadcasting there was a lot of advertisement seen of it. Due to ' satyamev jayate' aamir khan postponed his upcoming film ‘Talash’. Then which stone was left unturned??
                   According to aamir khan's production house the format of this show from the very first was like this, which was more documentary type and less entertaining. Aamir started up with some hot topics but after he rose up some topics like love, khap, domestic violence in which people were less interested. On the basis of the first video link that comes up when we search Aamir khan's satyamev jayate on YouTube, the first Episode of satyamev jayate had more than 17 lakh views whereas the last week's episode had only 47 thousand views. On the basis of TRP the show started up with a good 4.28 rating and now it got only 2.48 rating.
                   People on the facebook are not happy with the fact that aamir khan takes '3 and a half crore per episode' and other's who come and take part in the show have no profit. Some say that if it is a commercial project then why did aamir shed tears in the show??

                   Star plus is also upset with this situation. One programming assistant believes that after giving too much money to aamir khan the channel will become bankrupt, because there is not much profit with the ads.

                   Aamir khan himself went busy with his upcoming films 'talash' and 'dhoom 3' . Aamir had a different experience in making this show. He visited from city to city and met his fans. After meeting he knew what kind of work he should do in the future but the show is not having profits with this experience.

                   From the very first this show had been in controversy sometimes due to name, sometimes due to tune of title song or sometimes due to launching day but now this show has started making a place in viewers heart. Inspite of this decline and controversies, this is a very great show and is helping India in becoming a better social place to live in .

                            Jai hind !! Satyamev Jayate!!                                 

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