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The God Particle

The God particle (Higgs boson)

 What is Higgs boson particle?

Higgs boson particle has played its role as an important agent in bringing every star, planet and life in this universe higgs boson, in the universe formation makes the mass available for every other basic and fundamental particle.
According to the scientists, without mass these fundamental particles will spread in the universe with the speed of light and will not
Be able to be in existence as an atom, from which every substance as came in existence  It is believed that higgs field is present in the whole universe but in invisible form. The principle related to this field was first given by a British scientist peter higgs in 1960.he said that matter started taking mass after the mega blast that is big bang (from which the universe came in existence)

Who were Peter higgs and Satyendra Nath Bose?

Satendra Nath Bose:
Birth: 1st Jan 1894 in Kolkata

·       One of the best mathematician and physicists of 1920's
·       In physics there are two types of atoms is named                                                                                            after Satyendra Nath Bose.
·      He was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1954
·      He died in 4th Feb. 1974
·      Satyendra Nath sent article based on his research to the newspapers but everyone rejected it to be printed.

Peter ware Higgs:

Born on 29th may 1929 he was a great physicist  In 1960, peter Higgs of Britain invented Higgs Mechanism Higgs was awarded with many awarded for his works. Now, 85 years old Higgs is in Geneva

A view on the experiment:

 * More than 10 Arab dollars have been spent till now.

 * More than 6000 scientists are involved

 * Including India, organizations of the whole world are involved in this research.

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