Tuesday, 24 July 2012

QR code


QR code: the new name of identification

Trademark of companies were started very long ago. Then is ISBN numbers were seen in books and then barcode for important details related to product. Will you should have seen barcode during payment of bill in any big store. a new technique has now came in existence is a revolutionary code used to store information in any special number or graphic and that is what is so called QR code .
QR mean quick response of course have seen some black , square figures made on a big white square in any newspaper or website ,well this special type of graphic is called QR code as it is based on digital technique is has far more capabilities as compared to barcode . But currently this black-white graphic is mostly used as a link for websites. you can reach to the website through your available QR code reader app in your smart phone by scanning the QR code in the advertisement of any company in the newspaper or any where that means you don’t even have to open any browser have to remember any web address . Just scan QR code in any poster, newspaper, magazine or product through your mobile QR code reader app and reach to that website in just few seconds! Not only this , QR code can be of any special sale , offer or discount scheme by a company , and if you want to buy anything from the sale you don’t need to fish here and there is the website .
                         Well, if you understanding its meaning as a simple link of a web address written in graphic style, than you are mistaken. This small box basically, can store four types of data – number (numeric), alphabets (alphanumeric), binary or byte data (information stored in digital format) and information in Japanese Kazi and Kana languages. Will you believe that his small black - white box can store 2-3 paragraphs or 4296 alphabets? Most you only want to store numbers than make it 7089. That means bruiser or small catalog of any company!! As it is capable of storing digital data, so it is possible to store any type of digital object in it. Whereas bar code can maximum store 20 numbers only. This means that it is not only a mark to store only special kind of data and information, but it is a way of storing information. Isn’t it wonderful!!
QR codes are also being used for storing small information like address book record. Some companies have started using it with more innovation like using it for sending boarding card through e-mail to the flight passengers and inside the QR code their personnel, flight, seat and payment details are present. The airway service sends this code to the passengers.
                        Just like barcode, o scan QR code you will also need special type of hardware or tablet (With camera), Camera enabled laptop/mobile/smart phone and a QR code reader app. This app is usually present in most smart phones. And can also be downloaded from Internet for free. If you want your own QR code for your product, website address, service, blog or any other information just visit the free QR code generating websites – qrcode.kaywa.com, www.qurify.com, www.qrstuff.com. 

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