Friday, 24 August 2012

India Got a Superhero !!

India Got a Superhero !!

The creator of Spiderman, X-men, Ironman, and the incredible Hulk has created a new superhero - this time an indian one ..
Comic book writer Stan Lee, 89, has named his new creation Chakra - The invincible. Set against the backdrop of Mumbai , its the story of a tech genius, Raju Rai, who develops a suit that activates mystical chakras of his body, unleashing new found abilities and powers. And it may not be long before we see joining him the superheroes clan in movies.
Stan Lee"India did'nt have any superhero of its own that had global fame. I wanted to fill up that void," said lee, the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, to a newspaper. Till date Lee has done a cameo in all his superhero flicks.  
                                                              And most likely you've missed him. The Chakra Series, which will be available in both - digital and printed comic versions by the end of this year, is an attempt by lee's POW! Entertainment and liquid Comics, to catch the imagination of English, Hindi and Tamil-speaking comic buffs.
                                             So, is Lee coming down to India? "Yes,m i Really want to. India is a warm nation, and i am Especially  fond of Indian food so i am Really looking for to that visit" , he says.
Chakra-Boss Yama
        Will the new hero has more powers than Spiderman? Does he has Incredible Strength like Hulk? What all powers and abilities he has? Well we have to wait till End of this year to find out the answers to these burning Questions.....                        (source HT city)

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  1. ya i do also heard but when will it be published...............................


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