Saturday, 6 October 2012

Really Amazing Spiderman!!

Really amazing Spider Man!!

Yesterday I watched ‘the amazing spider man ’. Obviously, went in with lots of expectations, and as action cliche goes, left my brains at home .was ready to eat the action curry and enjoy the movie.

And the movie filled my tummy with lots of action, thrill, and adventure. And it was not just good acting, fresh story, new star cast, and great sound effects amazing scenes and Mark web that drove me amazed. It was also that the movie had an effective 3D cliche, which could not be ignored.

The amazing spider man is a story of a school boy ‘Peter parker (Garfield), whose mom-dad left him when he was very small and his
nurturing is done by his uncle (Shean) and aunt (Field). Like a normal teenager parker is also engaged in trying to find out who is he?
And in his search to find his identity he is helped by his classmate and first love Gwen Stacy (Stone). Who is the daughter of New York police department’s officer captain Stacy (Danish liary). Gwen is a beautiful and intelligent girl, who helps parker on his every footstep. One day parker gets a strange suitcase. Who was his father’s. Parker now starts to find out the reason “why his mom-dad left him”. This search leads him to Oscorp and dr. curt carner’s (Efaan) lab. Who was his dad’s partner. Parker’s father had invented a scientific formula, which he gives to Carner. Carner uses it for the development of lost organs and he tries the formula on himself first. The formula not works fine and due to the effect of the formula he turns into a giant hideous lizard and starts misusing his new strength and abilities and then starts the struggle between spiderman and the giant lizard.

There are several dozen of special effects and thrilling scenes in the film. The starting of the film is little bit slow, but as the film goes on the film takes us into an adventures world. Garfield has done spiderman and peter parker both role very well.

Many people would have many questions popping up in there mind, like only having experience of a simple romantic comedy film ‘500 days of summer’ (released in 2009) the director mark web will able to do such a big superhero film? Will Garfield be able to fit in the mask of spider man magwire? Will something new happen in the film or will it is a routine superhero film? After watching the film you will get the answer in yes. Web had made an interesting film. His direction is effective. All in all it is an interesting film and a must watch….

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