Monday, 1 October 2012

No rift with Arvind Kejriwal, our goal is same: Anna Hazare

No rift with Arvind Kejriwal, our goal is same: Anna Hazare

New Delhi: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Monday said that he will support Arvind Kejriwal if the latter stands for elections, while denying that they had any differences. The 75-year-old activist said that he will campaign for Kejriwal if he stands against Union Minister Kapil Sibal and added that his movement is different from Kejriwal but their goal is same.
"Ours is a democratic country. If Arvind selects a good candidate, I will support him. We will not fight against each other as our goal is same," he said at a press conference.
He, later, clarified that his support is only for Kejriwal and not for any other candidate. "I will only support Arvind Kejriwal if he stands for election, will not support any other candidate selected by Arvind Kejriwal," Hazare said.
No rift with Arvind Kejriwal, our goal is same: Anna Hazare
Hazare announced that he will begin his country-wide tour against corruption in November. Attacking the UPA Government, he said that those in power were not interested in tackling corruption and the time has come for them to quit.
"The Prime Minister had given us a written agreement on the Jan Lokpal Bill but nothing has been done till today. We will tour the nation for next one-and-a- half-year to spread awareness about our movement. This government will have to either get the Jan Lokpal Bill or will have to go," he said.
Hazare said that many retired bureaucrats and Army officers had shown willingness to join his movement for a corruption-free country. "Our meeting is on for the last two days. Today we met few retired civil servants, who want to join the movement. We will check their background before they start working with us," he told the reporters.
When asked about reports of his meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's political secretary Pawan Khera, Hazare said he has no idea who he was.
Talking about his future plans, he said, "We are going to build national-level coordination committee for our movement." Hazare insisted that no individual decisions will be taken and that the movement will run on "democratic values".
On the second day of his visit to New Delhi on Monday, Kejriwal met Hazare along with Manish Sisodia and assured that he'll support the anti-corruption crusader in all his movements. This was the first meeting between Kejriwal and Hazare after they parted ways.
"We came here to assure him our support in all his movements. Our roads are different but the destination is the same. We will keep meeting and supporting each other. There is no fight," Kejriwal said after the meeting.


  1. While AAP seems a good alternative, unfortunately Kejriwal & Co have not said anything beyond corruption. Removing corruption is one part; promoting efficiency, competence and development is the other. Having an anti-industry stance is not going to help (from where did he get the figure of 5L crore tax sops). For capital intensive projects, like infrastructure, power, telecom etc.; no one will invest without incentives that will help them to break even in a reasonable time frame. And finally everything is inter-related; if the big business man is squeezed, he in turn will squeeze his suppliers, employees (aam aadmi) and so on. We live in an interconnected world, so the “we against them” stance doesn’t help.

  2. Well Said Shayari ... Stay Connected


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